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The International Union of Artists is a non-profit organization
IUA enriches the organization members by offering a variety of services. Special programs and exhibitions are activities from which our local and national membership can benefit.
We offer workshop opportunities, critique sessions and tours. Not least of our offerings are the opportunities to mingle with and learn from each other.

IUA offers free program-oriented meetings per year which include demonstrations by renowned portrait artists, lectures and educational presentations on a variety of topics including technical matters, photography, business advice, contemporary and historical portrait painters, and much more.

We organize exhibitions each year. The exhibit is designed to educate the public eye, to broaden public awareness of portraiture and to elevate public tastes to the highest degree of sophistication.

IUA sponsors workshop opportunities and special trips and tours.IUA volunteers arrange all aspects of the workshops, bringing to Estonia nationally-known artists who otherwise would not be available to artists wishing to learn at this level.

IUA holds two or more Critique Sessions annually. These are gatherings wherein highly-trained professional portrait artists, often IUA Board Members and/or teachers, provide their expert advice to IUA members who bring in completed portraits or works-in-progress.IUA organizes exhibitions in members` countries.